About Author

Yakov Gershkovich is the author, creator and master trainer of Sculptural Face Lifting Method – a unique and natural approach to rejuvenation of the face. He is the leading specialist in the field of facial aesthetics in Israel. Yakov has studied extensively in Israel, Russia, Lithuania and France and been practicing various types of facial and body massages for nearly two decades For many years Yakov was looking for the fast and effective method of natural rejuvenation  - the one that would give an effective face lifting  without the use of injections, botox and other nasties. Yakov has tested a variety of different styles and techniques to create his unique Sculptural Face Lifting Method that gives visible results even after the very first procedure.

Yakov Gershkovich has taught Sculptural Face Lifting Method in Israel, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Mauritus, New Zealand, Greece, USA, France, Poland, Ukraine and Czech Republic just to name a few.


Yakov Gershkovich is the founder of the International School of Sculptural Face Lifting “Avantage” that offer online training for professional practitioners in the fields of aesthetics, massage and cosmetology.