Key Benefits of Sculptural Face Lifting Method

Facelift without surgery


Like any other surgical intervention, even the most accurate face-lift remains an operation that poses risks. The most common post-surgery complications include bleeding, scarring, hematoma formation, swelling, risk of infection or an adverse reaction to anesthesia - not to mention dissatisfaction with the end result! There is also a possibility of nerve damage which, while rare, can temporary or permanently affect sensation or muscle response resulting in facial asymmetry. Sculptural Face Lifting allows you to get an effect comparable to plastic surgery, but in a completely pleasant and relaxing state without damaging the skin and facial tissues - no side effects!

Rejuvenation without injection therapy


Sculptural Face Lifting is all about bringing the real radiant you out to the world - not a clone or a porcelain doll who is unable to express her emotions! Injections of Botox (Botulinum toxin Type A) were found to give an effect due to muscle atrophy which blocks certain chemical signals from nerves and prevents muscles from moving. As a result, appearance of facial wrinkles is reduced. But all of this comes with the heavy price tag of possible side effects, associated risks and poorly studied long-term complications from regular use of Botox. Contrary to that, Sculptural Face Lifting works by manually deeply relaxing, or toning the facial muscles as appropriate, to smoothen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving you full control over your facial expressions and freedom to be yourself!

Passive Fitness for the Face


During a session of Sculptural Face Lifting  the muscles of your face are getting trained by the skillful hands of your therapist - it's like going to the gym for the face! As a result, muscles acquire the correct tone and resist gravitational effects. And the best thing? It's all done for you while you are enjoying your well-deserved time off!

Anti-Stress Effect


Sculptural Face Lifting technique aids in eliminating of psycho-emotional blocks and helps to cope with stress. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that emotions are evoked by interoceptive and proprioceptive feedback from the body and our conscious feelings result from our perception of this somatic input. In plain language it means that scientists have shown that when you change your facial expressions, your mood changes. During the Sculptural Face Lifting session, stagnations in the facial muscles are eliminated, a sense of freedom appears and it creates freedom for the client to express their emotions.

Deep Relaxation of Facial Muscles


As we said before, during the Sculptural Face Lifting session, the muscles are trained, as if in a gym. After hard work, it is important that both masticatory and facial muscles of the face are at rest - this is an incredibly pleasant sensation. That's why the technique alternates strengthening and  deeply relaxing movements to give you effective log-lasting results and restore your face. 

Lymphatic Drainage and Detox


Sculptural Face Lifting triggers metabolic processes not only in the skin and tissues of the face, but in the whole body. Excessive fluids are drained. Harmful foreign substances and toxins begin to be excreted more quickly and efficiently from the body - that's why it's very important that you drink plenty of fresh clean water to help your body clean itself. As a result, new tissues regenerate, and the appearance and elasticity of the skin improves. Your immune system becomes stronger, too! Your beauty is inseparable from your health - we want you to have both!  

Therapeutic Effect


Sculptural Face Lifting has a therapeutic effect in the presence of the patient's pathology of facial muscles and  / or facial nerve. By stimulating the facial muscles and encouraging oxygen and blood supply, we are increasing the muscle awareness. Sculptural Face Lifting also helps to reduce the duration of chronic diseases such as rhinitis and sinusitis due to its light osteopathic effect. 

Light Osteopathic Effect


Sculptural Face Lifting technique impacts the points of muscles attachments to the bone, as well as bone sutures in the certain parts of the face. These manipulations address age-related tissue changes, reduced muscle tone of the neck and the face, formation of the wrinkles. Sculptural Face Lifting can also be recommended to improve post-surgical effect after cosmetic surgery. Due to its wholistic approach, the methodology views the relationship between lymphatic, circulatory, immune and nervous systems as an essential component to health and maintaining your longevity. Its' not about anti-ageing. It's all about better ageing and quality of YOUR life! 

Quality of Skin


Thanks to an improved oxygenation, blood circulation, tissue nourishment and elimination of toxins, Sculptural Face Lifting improves muscle tone, and the facial skin becomes smooth and supple, wrinkles and age-related changes melt away. Your skin becomes cleaner and acquire that lit-from-within glow naturally! 

Improved Facial Posture


Your session of Sculptural Face Lifting begins with careful observation of three sculptural lines - jaw line, chicks line, and eyes line by your therapist. The treatment will be aiming to balance out those three lines to "mould" the face within the boundaries of youthful appearance. The muscular framework is strengthened, so that a natural lifting effect is achieved. The end result will be a happier, healthier, and younger you - the real you rather than some unattainable standard from a glossy magazine. Feel your power!  

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