Frequently Asked Questions about Sculptural Face Lifting Method

Is this training for professionals or beginners are welcome, too?

Sculptural Face Lifting masterclass is not a base course. In another words, it does not give you a new profession called "Sculptural Face Lifter", it doesn't exist! This course should be viewd as a professional development training for the professionals already working in the field of either cosmetology, aesthetics, beauty, massage therapies, osteopathy, nursing, dentists, alternative healthcare practitioners, and medical doctors. Everyone who comes for this training should be already practicing and they simply come to EXPAND their knowledge and UPGRADE their skills to inlcude Sculptural Face Lifting technique into their scope of services.

I am just learning to become an aethetician (massage therapist etc...). Can I come to your training?

Absolutely! You are welcome to register for the class. However, you need to be aware that you won't be able to practice Scultpural Face Lifting technique before you recieve your license. Once you receive your registration in the profession of your choice, you'll be able to include Sculptural Face Lifting into the scope of services for your clients.

What are the prerequisites for Level 1 training?

Level 1 training is the base every practitioner begins with. As such, we expect only professional therapists willing to expand their knowledge. There are no minumum number of years of experience, but you have to be registered professional in your industry, or a current student of a relevant educational establishment learning to become one.

What are prerequisites for Level 2 training?

A current Certificate for Level 1 training PLUS your 5 minute video demonstrating your skills as a Sculptural face Lifting practiotioner. We view this training as an advanced masterclass aimed at therapists who have SFL at their heart and deeply care about advancing in their career. This masterclass is not about having another paper on the wall of your practice. This masterclass is for like-minded professionals who are practicing on a daily base and ready to move forward to deepen their understanding of the art of Sculptural Face Lifting technique to take their skills to the next level.

I come for the training from overseas. Can I do Level 1 and Level 2 classes back to back while I'm there?

Regretfully, no. Level 1 and Level 2 classes cannot be done back to back. You have to be practicing Sculptural Face Lifting technique for a minimum period of 3-6 months before you can appy for Level 2 training. This is done so that you have formed a solid understanding of the technique, had enough practice with the variety of clients, and developed enough plasticity in your hands to be able to grasp more technically advanced moves. For more information, please email to

How much are your courses?

Please contact our local organisers in the area of your choice to find out all the details relating to the prices and bookings. For more information, please email to

I cannot see my city on your schedule. What do I do?

If you cannot see your preferred location on our schedule, you can either choose from what is availble and join that class, or email to with your question. Alternatively, you can buy our online video course and study at home.

Is the online training availble? What languages?

Yes, we do offer online video course for professionals. To be eligible to purchase, please register yourself at this website on the Online Training Page to read more information and receive paid subscription. Our online video course is recorded in Russian with English subtitles. In the next few months we are planning to have French, Italian, German and Spanish options available.

Do you issue a Certificate for online training?

Yes, we do issue an electronic Certificate of Completion to eligible graduates. For further information, please head to our Online Training Page.

Do you teach buccal massage?

No, we don't teach buccal massage. Sculptural Face Lifting technique is much more than just buccal massage. You will learn Sculptural part and Intraoral part of the technique. It is the Intraoral part of the technique that therapists are often refer to as "buccal massage" when practitioner is wearing sterile gloves and work inside the oral cavity of their client.

How long does the treatment session of SFL run for?

Approximate time for the Sculptural Face Lifting treatment is 1 hour. That's is approx 40 minutes for the Sculptural Part, and approx 20 minutes of the Intraoral part. We also recommend our graduates to incorporate a thorough skin cleansing before and after the treatment.

Can I combine SFL with other treatments at the same time?

Sculptural Face Lifting treatment is quite stimulating procedure. That's why we don't recommend combining it with aggressive techniques like peels, microdermabrasion etc... You are welcome to fininish your treatment off with the application of the mask specific to your client's skin. Lymphatic drainage is great also. Head and scalp massage is wonderful, too, especially whilst your client is enjoying the mask.

How long do the results last?

The short answer is - it all depends on you! Why? Because YOUR results depend on too many factors which you have the sole responsibility for - your lifestyle, daily stress levels, emotional wellbeing, eating and drinking habbits, sleep patterns, the current state of the health in general, present skin condition, skincare routine and much more. For the average relatively healthy person, we recommend having an initial treatment course of 6-10 treatments, supported by a monthly or fortnightly maintenance treatment to keep the achieved results. Please talk to your therapist for the best advice.