Sculptural Face Lifting

Level 2

LEVEL 2 is all about your growth - as a professional, as a therapist, as a compassionate human being.


We consider this training to be a professional development class for practicing graduates of Level 1 who are enjoying Sculptural Face Lifting Technique, hungry for knowledge and ready to lift their skills to the next level.

LEVEL 2 training is a very exclusive gathering of like-minded therapists which happens only a few times each year in different locations around the world. It is offered in smaller groups in order to provide the best individual approach to each attendee. This 2-days of extremely thorough and rigorous training begins with careful observation of each participant's performance of Sculptural Face Lifting treatment, correction of their mistakes and answering questions that come along the way or have occurred during their period of practice. This is an important phase of the training because each practitioner is invited to share their questions, concerns and successes; and together we impact each other in the best possible way whilst making our practice of Sculptural Face Lifting Technique more effective.

During Phase Two of the training, Yakov will introduce new, more technically challenging movements that will make your practice even more effective. Together we will dive deeper into the emotional aspect of the treatment and learn more about the therapist's intention whilst working with clients.  

Our goal is to see you succeeding and to make your practice flourishing! We want you to be the best version of yourself you can be and share it with the world!

After the training you will:

  • feel more confident as a practitioner of Sculptural Face Lifting Technique;

  • be equipped with deeper practical knowledge and better understanding of human emotions which are blocking us from expressing ourselves and hindering our true potential;

  • have a competitive advantage in the industry;

  • receive a Certificate of Completion of Level 2 from the International School of Sculptural Face Lifting "Avantage". 

If you have that feeling in your heart that "there is more to it',   if you feel drawn to advance your skills, it is our honour to invite you to attend the LEVEL 2 training with Yakov Gershkovich. To find out more about the location of the next live training, please click the below button.


Level 1 of Sculptural Face Lifting Technique. However, you cannot do Level 1 and Level 2 back to back. You have to be practicing Sculptural face Lifting for a minimum period of 3-6 months before you can apply for Level 2 training. This is done so that you have formed a solid understanding of the technique and developed enough plasticity in your hands to be able to grasp more technically advanced moves.