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We understand that it's not always easy to get to the training and spend 4 days in the class - life gets in the way, work and family commitments arise, location, travel can be an issue. That's why we have created an online video training course for professionals so that those of you who are eager to learn the art of Sculptural Face Lifting can do so in the comfort of your home.


The video training course consists of 9 training lessons covering the whole Sculptural Face Lifting routine. The videos are recorded during one of the live trainings of Level 1 masterclass, so it feels like being a student at the class - you learn all the tricks of the trade and you also get to see the commonly made mistakes and how to correct them. There is also a PDF manual which you can download and use alongside the videos. 


After completing, you’ll need to send us a video of you performing the treatment on a model, and if our assessment team is satisfied with your work, you will receive a certificate of International Aesthetic School of Sculptural Lifting “Avantage”. The video lessons are recorded in Russian with English, French, Spanish  or Italian subtitles and you’ll have an access to the videos for 5 years, so that you can revisit the material and polish the technique to perfection.

Yakov cordially invites online graduates to join him at live Level 1 masterclass anyway, because he strongly believes that nothing can match education in person. The  magic, the laughter, the emotions, the atmosphere in the class, the expertise and experience which are virtually handed from Yakov and his team directly to the students, and the close connections which are formed at our trainings are worth every penny of your investment! Please visit our page with the schedule of worldwide trainings to choose the best location for you. Graduates of online training are not qualified to register for Level 2 - they will still be required to sit at face-to-face Level 1 masterclass.


IMPORTANT NOTE! You have to remember that Sculptural Face Lifting technique is a complex methodology. That's why by investing into online training you will have a massive advantage and successfully prepare yourself for the live Level 1 masterclass. To thank you for your commitment, we offer you a discount off the live event for the 12 months post purchase of our Online Video Course for Professionals - all you have to do is to print out a discount coupon available on the page with the training videos and lodge it together with your Application Form once you are ready to join one of our live masterclasses.


Jennifer A. Walker L.Ac, CMT

I love doing the class and it's been filling my heart with joy during this time period. I plan to purchase the self massage module as well. 

Hamideh Hekmat Shoar

I'm so glad and I want to thank you for the videos.  I want to thank  Mr. Yakov for such a good opportunity to learn online these massage techniques.

Mikhail Shurovenkov

Хотел бы выразить огромную благодарность Якову за такую профессиональную подачу теории и практики по СЛЛ.

Nika Sheinina

Я в данный момент учусь по видео курсу и очень очень довольна качеством сьемки, всем обьснениям, на самом деле есть ощущение присутствия на уроке... Очень рекомендую этот курс!

Rebecca Teague

I bought the online class. LOVING IT!!!

I can't wait to use what I learn on people.

Alicia Halliday

I am so happy. This technique has certainly brought so much to my knowledge.